Eau de Toilette Provence Box

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Find in this box, the range with scents of Provence for each season... On the way of Provence, from the seaside to the back country, crossing the field windswept, it is a marvellous olfactive trip that Senteurs du Sud offers to you. Treat your friends with the eau de toilette and the body milk box of the Provence range. Choose the scents to create your own box.


  • 1 eau de toilette 100 ml : This eau de toilette with natural essences, brings you a sensation of freshness and wellness along the day. Lighter than a perfume, it will stay with you all days.
  • 1 Body milk 250 ml : Enrichied in vegetable oils and shea butter, this body milk moisturises, nourishes and protects your skin. It brings comfort after the shower.


The Eau de toilette Provence box is presented in its Senteurs du Sud box.

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