Intense well-being box

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The Intense well-being box is presented in its wooden bucket.



Very rich in esssential fatty acids and in E vitamin, the argan oil is traditionnaly famous for its nourishing, revitalising and anti-age properties. It is perfect against the skin drying, it softens the epidermic and prevents the le premature ageing. Senteurs du Sud directly buys the argan oil from the cooperatives in Morocco and acts about the international solidarity aiming to a better income for the southern countrie's producers. This organic oil is composed by Ecocert certified products and Cosmebio labelised.


  • 1 Shampoo 250ml : Real shampoo care, its creamy texture is perfumed.
  • 1 Body lotion 250ml : Real soften care, its protects the epidermic and nourishes the skin.
  • 1 Hand cream 100ml :  Perfect against the cold, this cream is enriched in argan oil (7%), shea butter and honey extract, it protects, nourishes and regenerates the epidermic.
  • 1 100% Organic argan oil 50ml : Use pure or to enrich your face cream and body lotion. Perfect to nourish and repair the dry hairs and to fortify the nails./li>

The Intense well-being box is presented in its wooden bucket.

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