Senteurs du Sud products are certified by ECOCERT and labelised COSMEBIO.

COSMEBIO (French Professional Association of Ecological Cosmetics and Organics) made a technical specifications charter for organic cosmetics and lodged to the Minister for Industry and Trade .


Senteurs du Sud make natural and organic cosmetics which comply with the charter.


This COSMEBIO labelisation guarantees you that :

  • At least 95% of total ingredients come from natural origine.
  • At least 95% of total vegetables come from Organic Agriculture.
  • At least 10% of total ingrédients come from Organic Agriculture.



COSMEBIO charter is based on three themes:

  • Man, ethique and social responsability : Respect of employees, honorable living and working conditions, clear informations to improve the trusting contact between producers and consumers.
  • Fair trade: Engaged sector, a scientific approach for an organic and ecologic cosmetic defined and controlated.
  • The respect of nature and the support of Organic Farming.



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