Childhood dream

La Crau en Provence... a small Riviera village where Senteurs du Sud was born... As a child, Anne Bérardengo went with her grand-mother picking up violets cultivated with love, and gathered in delicate bouquets, with a sweet mallow, to sell them around. Anne learnt how to make them slowly macerate to make violet water. As a chemist, working in the world of cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, she created Senteurs du Sud in 2003 with a first range of 12 scents, one for each month of the year, existing in body care and home products. After Morocco lands and its organic argan oil cares, Mexico lands and its men range of products, the Senteurs du Sud wonderful olfactory journey is coming back tp Provence for baby range.




Grasse, perfumes capital

Perfumes capital, Grasse received this statut thanks to its rare and typical scents like lavender, rose, orange blossom, mimosa, myrtle and jasmine.

Origine of the French perfumery tradition, this little town located in Provence, about seven miles north of Cannes was specialised in tanned leather during the Middle-Ages. The idea of creating perfumed leather gloves was found by Galimard. He offered a pair to Catherine de Médicis. Right away, the product spreaded in the Court and in the high society. Nowadays, Grasse has a worldwide reputation and products from rawmaterials to concentrated perfumes.